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Fly-In, Fly-Out (FIFO) workers are the backbone of the mining and resource industry in Western Australia, the current powerhouse of our economy. However, the stereotype of FIFO workers is often negative and patronising.

The WA Mental Health Commission has funded This FIFO Life, a project that focuses on the mental health of FIFO workers and their families. The project highlights the challenges of the FIFO work pattern and how individuals overcome these challenges and adapt to the lifestyle. It recognises the strengths and resilience of FIFO workers and families by sharing strategies that support mental health and wellbeing.

This FIFO Life is an online resource with:
  • A series of short videos of FIFO workers and family members
  • Blogs on many different issues relating to mental health and FIFO
  • A downloadable ‘Where to Get Help’ guide of services and supports for FIFO workers and their families.
This site is useful for FIFO workers and their families, those considering FIFO work and those who provide services for FIFO workers and families, such as those working in childcare centres, schools and health services.

The project’s coordinators, Julie Loveny and Sue Crock spent time working on Pilbara mine sites to get some first hand experience of the lifestyle and to inform the project.

It is planned to launch This FIFO Life officially at the FIFO Expo in Joondalup on September 12th 2014 and promote it in the media and in specific locations to reach FIFO worker and their families.

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